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Pro-Lifers Get Noisy in Boise

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Pro-Lifers Get Noisy in Boise

Reporters called it "part medical clinic, part reality TV show, and all cultural battlefield." They were referring to the basement of the Idaho capitol, which had been transformed yesterday into a makeshift doctor’s office. On beds separated by screens, six pregnant women took turns in a live abdominal ultrasound demonstration to help clear up misconceptions about the technology, which leaders had complained was "too invasive" to mandate before abortions. Brandi Swindell, a longtime pro-life activist, helped organize the event, which drew a crowd of media, voters, and some legislators.

While flat screen TVs carried images of the babies, Brandi moderated. "How can anyone call this offensive?" she asked. "Who doesn’t love an ultrasound image of a baby?" Turning to two of the women, she asked, "Does this feel invasive at all?" "No," replied one mom. "I’d do this every day if I could." "This baby is ready to testify." The event was a dramatic backdrop to a fight over the state’s ultrasound bill, which passed out of the Senate 23-12 on Monday. Under the S.B. 1387, doctors would be required to perform an ultrasound before a woman aborts and complete a form explaining the baby’s heartbeat and gestational age. It’s a reasonable request–one that more than 20 states have required. "Women deserve access to medically accurate information," Brandi said yesterday.

But not everyone at the exhibition agreed. Several protestors had to be hauled off by Idaho state troopers for heckling and disrupting the presentation. One of them, Boise resident Yvette Sedlewicz shouted, "You have no right to impose your religion on me!" True, but Idaho does have a right to impart the facts–something the abortion industry refuses to do. Organizations like Planned Parenthood have built an entire empire on the philosophy that the less women know, the better. But along came the ultrasound machine, which has proved to be the ultimate game-changer in the fight to personalize the unborn. The technology has saved thousands of lives, thanks to moms who say that seeing those little hearts helped to change theirs.

Keeping women in the dark has become a lot more difficult for groups like Planned Parenthood, which has made protecting ignorance and deception priority number one. Like us, they understand that the ultrasound disarms the industry of its deceitful ways. No longer would women believe Planned Parenthood, who insists, "That’s not a baby." The abortion movement literally banks on moms being blissfully unaware of how intensely human their children are. That’s why abortionists don’t show women the image when they do ultrasounds to determine the age and size of the baby… the price depends on age. But if women have the right to choose, they deserve to know the facts first. Surely an organization that claims to be a woman’s "biggest health advocate" would agree to that.

Meanwhile, Idaho Republicans seem to be shying away from the bill in the state house. Yesterday, after an hour long GOP meeting, the caucus suddenly scrapped a hearing that was supposed to be held this week. The pro-abortion camp proclaimed the bill dead. Not so fast, says House Speaker Lawerence Denney. "We haven’t made the decision on it," he insisted. Help him. If you live in Idaho, contact your leaders and tell them to stop depriving women of a basic right: information!

Starbucks: My Brew Heaven?

If Starbucks is a part of your daily grind, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is giving customers a reason to reconsider. A portion of every cup of coffee helps to fund the corporate assault on marriage, the group says. To bring greater awareness to the company’s ultra-liberal ties, NOM is launching an international campaign called "Dump Starbucks," targeting global business partners in particular. "We are today announcing a sustained public campaign calling on Starbucks to stop waging war against marriage, and the views of more than half its worldwide customers. Starbucks should be in the business of offering all its diverse customers a great cup of coffee, not taking sides against the views of its customers, vendors, and employees around the world."

The irony, of course, is CEO Howard Schultz’s recent pronouncement that Starbucks is a post-political, post-partisan company. Of course, that turned out to be a grande exaggeration, since the franchise directly and publicly endorsed a bill to redefine marriage for the entire state of Washington. Jonathan Baker, head of NOM’s Corporate Fairness Project, flew to Seattle to confront Schultz and asked his board if homosexual "marriage" really is "core to the Starbucks brand," as his vice president put it in January. "Yes," Schultz said. Another shareholder spoke up and asked how it could be in the company’s interest to wage a cultural war. Schultz abruptly cut off questions. If you’d like to learn about NOM’s "Dump S tarbucks" campaign or sign the pledge, click here.

October Baby Delivers!

Can going to a movie save lives? Producer Jon Erwin is counting on it. He and his brother are the driving forces behind a powerful new film in theaters starting tomorrow called October Baby. Inspired by a true story, October Baby centers on Hannah, a college freshman who makes the startling discovery that she’s not only adopted but the survivor of a botched abortion. When Hannah takes a trip to find her birth mom, she ends up on a journey toward forgiveness. "I think it’s time that the unborn have a voice," said Erwin, "and I think that’s what this movie gives them." So far, critics have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the film, which is a testament to the many years Jon and his brother Andrew have spent in the TV business.

"My job as a filmmaker is just to challenge people to stop and look at something in a new way, to challenge them to think. I hope October Baby brings people to the table who disagree on both sides and raises the value of life past policies or personal opinions…" The goal is changing minds–not just in the audience but in the industry. "This is our chance to say together, we’re tired of what Hollywood is force-feeding us, and we’re tired of Hollywood not listening to our voice… Every movie ticket is someone’s vote." So get yours today! The movie premieres this Friday. Find a theater near you at

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