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Mass Graves of Slaughtered Christians Found in Syria (Thank you Obama and McCain, and Graham!)

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Mass Graves of Slaughtered Christians Found in Syria

Posted: 05 Nov 2013 09:07 AM PST

Not that anyone in the West seems to care. The rebels being trained and armed by our government are the ones murdering Christians in the name of Allah. But we have to show our tolerance by funding Jihad.

ICN—The bodies of 30 Christian civilians, including women and children, killed by Islamist militias, have been found in two separate mass graves, in the city of Sadad. The number of Christian civilians confirmed dead in this small town halfway between Homs and Damascus has reached 45. Many are injured and several are missing.
The city of Sadad, a Christian settlement, was invaded and occupied by Islamist militias on 21 October. It was recaptured in recent days by the Syrian regular army. When the representatives of the Patriarchate and families of the victims returned to their town they found to their horror two mass graves, where they found the bodies of their relatives and friends. In an atmosphere of grief, outrage and emotion, the funerals of the 30 Christians were celebrated by Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh, Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama.
According to eyewitnesses, many of the civilians were killed by militia gangs of ‘Al- Nusra Front’ and ‘Daash’. The city has been completely destroyed and looted. Some of the militants who invaded the city were holed up in the Syriac Orthodox Church of St Theodore, which was profaned. Sadad is an ancient Syriac village which dates back to 2000 BC located in the region of Qalamoon, north of Damascus. It had 14 churches, a monastery, temples, historic landmarks and archaeological sites.
Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh said: "What happened in Sadad is the most serious and biggest massacre of Christians in Syria in the past two and a half years… 45 innocent civilians were martyred for no reason, and among them several women and children, many thrown into mass graves. Other civilians were threatened and terrorized. 30 were wounded and 10 are still missing.
"For one week, 1,500 families were held as hostages and human shields. Among them children, the elderly, the young, men and women. Some of them fled on foot travelling eight kilometres from Sadad to Al-Hafer to find refuge. About 2,500 families fled from Sadad, taking only their clothes, due to the irruption of armed groups and today they are refugees scattered between Damascus, Homs, Fayrouza, Zaydal, Maskane, and Al-Fhayle".
The Archbishop said: "There is no electricity, water and telephone in the city. All the houses of Sadad were robbed and property looted. The churches are damaged and desecrated, deprived of old books and precious furniture. Schools, government buildings, municipal buildings have been destroyed, along with the post office, the hospital and the clinic".
"What happened in Sadad" he said "is the largest massacre of Christians in Syria and the second in the Middle East, after the one in the Church of Our Lady of Salvation in Iraq, in 2010".
Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh concluded: "We have shouted aid to the world but no one has listened to us. Where is the Christian conscience? Where is human consciousness? Where are my brothers? I think of all those who are suffering today in mourning and discomfort: We ask everyone to pray for us". (Source)

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November 5th, 2013 at 8:40 pm

Iran Sentences Christians to 80 Lashes for Drinking Communion Wine (The peaceful religion at work!)

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Iran Sentences Christians to 80 Lashes for Drinking Communion Wine

Posted: 24 Oct 2013 07:37 PM PDT

The persecution of Christians in the Muslim world has continued for nearly fourteen centuries. Yet, according to Western Muslim organizations like CAIR and ISNA, as well as most politicians and media groups, only racists would object to the Islamic doctrines that give rise to this persecution.

FoxNews—Four Iranian Christians were reportedly sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking wine for communion, a shocking punishment meted out even as a new United Nations report blasted the Islamic republic for its systematic persecution of non-Muslims.
The four men were sentenced Oct. 6 after being arrested in a house church last December and charged with consuming alcohol in violation of the theocracy’s strict laws, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide. They were among several Christians punished for their faith in a nation where converting from Islam to Christianity can bring the death penalty. According to a new October UN report by Ahmed Shaheed, UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran, such persecution is common, despite new President Hasan Rouhani’s pledge to be a moderate.
“At least 20 Christians were in custody in July 2013," Shaheed wrote. "In addition, violations of the rights of Christians, particularly those belonging to evangelical Protestant groups, many of whom are converts, who proselytize to and serve Iranian Christians of Muslim background, continue to be reported.” (Continue Reading.)

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October 25th, 2013 at 8:44 pm

Murdered Pastor Was Still Holding Bible in His Hand (Murdered by the peaceful religion, not so peaceful!)

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October 25th, 2013 at 9:43 am

Ohio: Muslim students say chained to wall, beaten with sticks for not memorizing Koran

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Ohio: Muslim students say chained to wall, beaten with sticks for not memorizing Koran

Posted on October 25, 2013 by creeping

Another student at the madrasa “had his head stepped on for complaining of a headache.” Welcome to the new America. via Allegations Of Child Abuse At Religious School Of Mosque.

An investigation is underway after teachers at a Westerville school reported allegations of child abuse at a mosque.

Westerville police said the accusations came from children, who are 8, 9, and 10 years old.

A normal day of school at Mark Twain Elementary in Westerville took quite the turn, when several students in a class of mostly Somalis learning English, entered a discussion.

According to a Westerville Police report, the allegations were discovered afterchildren told their teachers about the alleged actions at their religious school, which is part of the Masjid As-Salaamah mosque on Cleveland Avenue in Columbus.

According to the police report, it all started when the teacher said how impressed she was with their knowledge of the Quran.

In response, one of the students told her that, at their religious school, “if they do not learn their religious passages as they are instructed,” they are sometimes “chained to a wall by their wrists and ankles and beaten with a long stick.”

10TV spoke with a founding board member of the mosque, who said they never knew about any of the allegations until Franklin County Children Services stepped in.

“We understand the seriousness of this,” said Mahdi Warsama, Masjid As-Salaamah Board Member.

After an internal investigation involving speaking to teachers and parents, Warsama said, “we couldn’t find anything to support these allegations.”

The police report states that another student told his teacher he witnessed beatings, was “beaten with a belt on his legs,” and saw another student, who “had his head stepped on for complaining of a headache.”

“We understand that these are innocent kids. These things cannot happen in our watch,” said Warsama. “If there is any merit to these allegations, I assure you, Masjid As-Salaamah will deal with it professionally, and swiftly, and responsibly.”

Westerville School says their policy is for teachers to report any allegations of child abuse. 10TV tried to speak with those teachers, but so far they have not responded to the requests.

Westerville School released the following statement: “Given the nature of the information shared by students with their teacher, school officials were obligated to immediately file a report with the authorities, which they did. Those authorities have determined that an investigation is merited.”

Columbus police said the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to import Muslims into the United States.

The Columbus, Ohio area is a hotbed of sharia and jihad activity.

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October 25th, 2013 at 7:18 am

Nigeria: Muslims kill 50 students – shot dead as they slept (Religion of Murder not peace!)

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Nigeria: Muslims kill 50 students – shot dead as they slept

Posted on September 29, 2013 by creeping

Blacks in the U.S. – particularly black politicians – fawn over Islam…as they are slaughtered relentlessly in Africa…by Muslims. via BBC News – Nigeria attack: Students shot dead as they slept.

They were shot dead as they slept in their dormitory at the College of Agriculture in Yobe state.

North-eastern Nigeria is under a state of emergency amid an Islamist insurgency by the Boko Haram group.

Boko Haram is fighting to overthrow Nigeria’s government to create an Islamic state, and has launched a number of attacks on schools.

Casualty figures from the latest attack vary, but a local politician told the BBC that around 50 students had been killed.

The politician said two vanloads of bodies had been taken to a hospital in Yobe’s state capital, Damaturu.

A witness quoted by Reuters news agency counted 40 bodies at the hospital, mostly those of young men believed to be students.

College provost Molima Idi Mato, speaking to Associated Press, also said the number of dead could be as high as 50, adding that security forces were still recovering the bodies and that about 1,000 students had fled the campus.

A Nigerian military source told AP that soldiers had collected 42 bodies.

The gunmen also set fire to classrooms, a military spokesman in Yobe state, Lazarus Eli, told Agence France-Presse.

The college is in the rural Gujba district.

In May, President Goodluck Jonathan ordered an operation against Boko Haram, and a state of emergency was declared for the north-east on 14 May.

Many of the Islamist militants left their bases in the north-east and violence initially fell, but revenge attacks quickly followed.

In June, Boko Haram carried out two attacks on schools in the region.

At least nine children were killed in a school on the outskirts of Maiduguri, while 13 students and teachers were killed in a school in Damaturu.

And this massacre not reported by media:  Muslims kill 161 in Nigeria roadside slaughter

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September 29th, 2013 at 1:16 pm

Muslims kill 161 in Nigeria roadside slaughter

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Muslims kill 161 in Nigeria roadside slaughter

Posted on September 25, 2013 by creeping

Philippines, Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, Mali, Somalia, Thailand, Iraq, Lebanon…wherever Islam goes, death and destruction follow.

This massacre happened last week, before the Kenyan Mall Massacre but you probably never heard about it. h/t TROP

via Nigeria: Benisheik Attack Death Toll Now 161

Maiduguri — Environmental officers yesterday recovered 87 more corpses of travelers killed by suspected Boko Haram gunmen during an attack on Maiduguri-Damaturu road near Benisheik town in Borno State on Tuesday.

This was in addition to 55 bodies earlier picked up on Wednesday, officials of the Borno State Environmental Protection Agency (BOSEPA) told journalists during a visit by Governor Kashim Shettima to the scene of the violence.

Heavily armed insurgents laid siege on Benisheik, Kaga Local Government Area on Tuesday evening, killing people and setting buildings ablaze.

They also blocked the Maiduguri-Damaturu highway, three kilometers away from the town, sorting out and slaughtering dozens of travelers.

Sorting out Muslims from non-Muslims?

Apart from the 142 travellers, also killed in the attack were 2 soldiers, 3 policemen and 14 villagers,bringing the total death toll to 161.

Yesterday, Shettima visited Benisheik where he condoled with the people and offered compensation to victims of the violence.

Saidu Yakubu, a senior BOSEPA official, who briefed Shettima at the highway killing spot, later told journalists “87 bodies were recovered in the bush and our people are still searching for more.”

Environmental assistant Abdulaziz Kolomi said, “Apart from the dead bodies recovered today (Thursday), we collected 55 on Wednesday and the fact is that we did not go deep into the bush where I strongly believe that many people have fallen there.”

Our correspondent, who was in the convoy of the governor, saw two refuse compactor trucks loaded with decomposing bodies. Soldiers and policemen were seen providing security as environmental officers pull out dead bodies from the surrounding bushes.

During Shettima’s visit, he was told that apart from the dead travelers, two soldiers, three policemen and 14 villagers were also killed by the insurgents who stormed the town in a convoy of over 20 vehicles.

Shettima, who was visibly shaken by the carnage, urged the residents to persevere and stop fleeing.

“What happened is barbaric and un-Islamic,” he said.

Repeating lies do not make them truths.

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September 25th, 2013 at 5:54 am

Muslims from Minnesota & Kansas City Among Gunmen in Kenya Mall Attack (American Muslim Terrorists!)

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Muslims from Minnesota & Kansas City Among Gunmen in Kenya Mall Attack

Posted on September 22, 2013 by creeping

Death toll now up to 68. Back story here – Muslim terrorists kill 68, injure 150+ in Kenya mall attack targeting non-Muslims.

The latest via 2 Kenya attackers from Minnesota, CNN reports |

ATLANTA – Sources within Al Shabaab have released the names of nine of the alleged attackers in the Nairobi, Kenya shopping mall massacre, including two people from Minnesota, according to CNN.

Al Shabaab told CNN that the names are on the Shabaab twitter account. That account has now been closed down, but CNN has obtained the names.

CNN reports Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, of St. Paul, and Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid, 24, of Minneapolis, were among the names listed.

The others, all men in their 20s, are from Missouri, Canada, London, Finland and Somolia.

According to the Associated Press, Kenyan police say they have begun a major assault to end the two-day hostage crisis at the Nairobi mall, in which 68 people have died.

A third Muslim from the U.S. is named at The PJ Tatler

Al-Shabaab is claiming that there are American gunmen among those still holed up in the Westgate mall in a standoff with Kenyan and Israeli special forces.

The Somali al-Qaeda affiliate tweeted a series of names on its latest account before Twitter against suspended the group. Al-Shabaab has been creating new accounts each time they get shut down but a movement of pro-Kenyan tweeters has been tracking down the new accounts and complaining to Twitter.

“We received permission to disclose the names of our mujahideen inside #Westgate,” their latest account tweeted.

They proceeded to tweet the names one by one, including Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, “native” of St. Paul, Minn., Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid, 24, of Minneapolis, andGen Mustafe Noorudiin, 27, of Kansas City, Mo.


via Twitchy, CNN reports three Kenya mall attackers are from the United States:

Sara Pratley (@cnnsara) September 22, 2013

CNN is reporting that three of the Kenya mall attackers are from the United States.

CNN has learned that two of the Kenya mall attackers are from Minnesota and one from Kansas City, Missouri.—
Stephanie Goggans (@StephGoggansCNN) September 22, 2013

NBC’s Kansas City affiliate:

#BREAKINGNEWS – Suspect in #Kenya Mall attack reported to be from KC.—
41 Action News (@41ActionNews) September 22, 2013

#BREAKING – NBC affiliate @41ActionNews reports suspect in #Kenya Mall attack reported to be from Kansas City.—
Kenny Holmes NBC (@KHOLMESlive) September 22, 2013

CNN also reports that the State Department is increasingly confident Americans were involved:

State Dept official tells Elise Labott they’re still trying to match names but becoming more confident American citizens were involved—
Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) September 22, 2013

The official says they have been concerned and raising alarm bells about al-Shabaab recruitment in the Somali-American community—
Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) September 22, 2013

CNN said it obtained the information from sources inside al-Shabaab. The U.S. State Department has not confirmed any of the names.

Mugshot for a 22-year old from Minnesota by same name as one of gunman, Ahmed Mohamud Isse. No confirmation yet. FBI just beginning to investigate.


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Scores Are Killed by Suicide Bomb Attack at Historic Church in Pakistan

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Scores Are Killed by Suicide Bomb Attack at Historic Church in Pakistan

Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press

Deadly Attack at Pakistan Church: A suicide attack on a historic Christian church in northwestern Pakistan killed dozens on Sunday.

Published: September 22, 2013
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PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A suicide attack on a historic church in northwestern Pakistan killed at least 78 people on Sunday in one of the deadliest attacks on the Christian minority in Pakistan in years.

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Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press

Pakistanis grieved over the coffins of their relatives who were killed in a suicide bomb attack on an old church in the city of Peshawar on Sunday.

The New York Times

The attack occurred as worshipers left All Saints Church in the old quarter of the regional capital, Peshawar, after a service on Sunday morning. Up to 600 people had attended and were leaving to receive free food being distributed on the lawn outside when two explosions ripped through the crowd. “As soon as the service finished and the food was being distributed, all of a sudden we heard one explosion, followed by another,” said Azim Ghori, a witness.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who arrived in Peshawar on Sunday evening, said that 78 people had been killed, including 34 women and 7 children. “Such an attack on women and children is against humanity,” he said.Akhtar Ali Shah, the home secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, said that more than 100 people had been wounded. Mr. Khan said that 37 of those were children.

The dead included two Muslim police officers who had been posted outside the church. Witnesses reported scenes of mayhem as rescue workers ferried victims from the church, which was scattered with body parts, shrapnel and bloodied clothing.

On Sunday afternoon, the bodies of 45 victims were placed in coffins and moved to the nearby St. John’s Church, the oldest church in the city. The coffins were placed in the church playground as dozens of grieving relatives and mourners gathered. A large contingent of police officers was deployed outside the church, and mourners were allowed to enter the compound after a thorough security check. Ambulances were allowed to enter the compound one by one as dead bodies were then placed in vehicles to take them to the morgue.

Shafqat Malik, a senior official of the bomb disposal squad, said in an interview that evidence collected from the church confirmed that two suicide bombers had carried out the attack. “Each bomber carried six kilograms of explosives,” he said.

The attack coincided with a broader wave of attacks on religious minorities, including Shiite Muslims this year.

In March, a Muslim mob swarmed through a Christian neighborhood in the eastern city of Lahore, burning two churches and more than 100 houses. Christians also frequently find themselves accused of blasphemy under Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws.

The attacks are mostly orchestrated by Sunni extremist militant groups, although some have also been claimed by the Pakistani Taliban.

All Saints Church is one of the oldest in Peshawar and was built during the British colonial era. It is at Kohati Gate in the city’s old quarter, where numerous militant attacks have occurred in recent years, mostly targeting Muslims.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been trying to initiate peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban, aimed at ending a decade of violence. An all-parties political conference held this month gave the government approval to start negotiations with the insurgents.

But that offer was publicly rejected by the Taliban, which later claimed responsibility for the killing of a senior army general in Upper Dir, near the Afghan border, last week.

Immediately after Sunday’s bombing, questions were again raised about the government’s plans to hold peace talks.

In a statement, Mr. Sharif said, “The terrorists have no religion, and targeting innocent people is against the teachings of Islam and all religions.” The Pakistan Ulema Council, the largest clerical body, also condemned the blast, saying that the council was “standing with our Christian brothers in this tragedy.” The opposition leader Imran Khan, who has advocated initiating peace talks with the militants, expressed solidarity with the Christian community but also repeated his call to tackle terrorism in the country.

Mr. Khan said he believed that the bombings were an attempt to sabotage the peace talks. “A conspiracy is being hatched to drag the country back to the 10-year-old morass,” he said, referring to the time when former President Pervez Musharraf allied himself with the United States in the effort against militancy and extremism.

But there were contrary voices, as well. Raja Nasir Abbas, a Shiite leader who is the secretary general of the party Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, demanded a “ruthless operation against the Taliban” and declared that the “weak policies” of the government had “emboldened the terrorists.”

Hundreds of Christians and activists from civil society groups protested in Lahore after the attack. They blocked roads as they condemned the violence.“We have not been protected,” said Pitras Masih, a young laborer who had a wooden cross in his hand and a chain with a cross around his neck. “We want justice.” Others held aloft placards demanding justice. “There is a uniform behind this terrorism,” one placard said.

Waqar Gillani contributed reporting from Lahore, Pakistan.

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September 22nd, 2013 at 9:24 pm

Christians Pounded By Islamists In Brutal Suicide Bombing in Pakistan (The religion of peace kills again!)

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September 22nd, 2013 at 9:03 pm

Great Britain: Acid Attack Rate Triples in Six Years

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Great Britain: Acid Attack Rate Triples in Six Years

Posted: 16 Aug 2013 08:22 PM PDT

When immigrants come to Great Britain, the multiculturalist government tells them to retain their cultural practices and beliefs. But what happens when those cultural practices include throwing acid into people’s faces?

Telegraph—Experts say they believe many of the cases involving acid are linked to Asian communities, with women attacked by their husbands and punished for refusing forced marriages, while men were attacked during disputes over dowries.
Latest NHS hospital figures record 144 assaults in 2011/12 involving corrosive substances, which can also include petrol, bleach and kerosene.
Six years earlier, 56 such episodes were noted.
Jaf Shah, executive director of Acid Survivors Trust International said that many attacks in Britain were not reported, because women targeted lived in fear of reprisals.
He said: “There is a reluctance among women in the Asian community to come forward; these attacks do not usually come from strangers, but from someone close to them in the community – a husband, a father, or their family.” (Continue Reading.)

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August 17th, 2013 at 7:47 pm

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