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German Rapper’s Jihad Videos Inspired Killing of Americans

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German Rapper’s Jihad Videos Inspired Killing of Americans

Posted on September 1, 2011 by creeping

Thuggin’ like Muhammad. via Germany Says Former Rapper Denis Mamadou Cuspert Promotes Jihad –

BERLIN — The man German security officials call a major security risk looks like a figure from a rap video, especially with the tattoos on his hands. The right one says “STR8,” and the left one “Thug.”

“This is from the days when I lived the life of an unbeliever,” said the man, Denis Mamadou Cuspert, as he clenched his fists and looked at the tattoos. “Allah will erase them from me one day.”

Mr. Cuspert, once a popular rapper in Germany, today is one of the best-known singers of nasheeds, or Islamic devotional music, in German. Security officials say, though, that he is an influential figure who incites violence and unrest through inflammatory videos and fiery speeches that praise terrorists and attack the West.

German authorities say people like him inspired the fatal shootings of two American airmen at the Frankfurt airport in March. The 21-year-old man accused of the killings, Arid Uka, whose trial began in Frankfurt on Wednesday, has said he opened fire on a busload of American service members after seeing a video that claimed to show Muslim women being raped by men in United States military uniforms. American officials have said the video — which Mr. Cuspert acknowledged posting on his Facebook page, and which Mr. Uka copied — was staged by militants.

“After establishing rapport through music, he introduced radical ideology to an audience already receptive to him,” said Raphael F. Perl, who runs the antiterrorism unit for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

In an interview at a mosque here, Mr. Cuspert denied any direct connection to Mr. Uka, though he said he supported his actions. “The brother hasn’t killed civilians,” he said. “He has killed soldiers who had been on their way to kill Muslims.”

That is similar to the message in videos posted on YouTube and jihadi Web sites that have made Mr. Cuspert popular among Al Qaeda supporters in Europe and elsewhere. As evidence of his reach, a man who goes by the name Abu Bilal in the tribal areas in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region said of Mr. Cuspert: “The brother’s voice has reached the hearts of many people here, too.”

Mr. Cuspert gives speeches all over Germany, and young people are drawn to elements of his personal story, including his membership in Berlin street gangs — he said he used to be a “real bad boy” — and the notion that he finally found the “right way.”

Mr. Cuspert says that Shariah, the legal code of Islam based on the Koran, permits self-defense. “My duty is to use my voice for telling people the truth, and the truth is, jihad is a duty,” he said.

Security officials say that young people who are clicking on his videos do not realize that what they are listening to has been inspired by a radical jihadist theology based on the fundamentalist Salafi branch of Islam.

At the end of June, Mr. Cuspert recorded a nasheed that praised Al Qaeda’s late leader, Osama bin Laden. “Your name flows in our blood,” he sings.

“I have sworn allegiance to Mullah Muhammad Omar, emir of the Taliban,” he said in the interview, smiling. “He is one of the greatest men.”

Back posts on the killing of American soldiers here.

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September 1st, 2011 at 7:39 am

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Jihad in English Versus Jihad in Arabic

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More lessons in Double speak;

Presented here are two videos, one in the English language with soothing music about the beauty of Jihad and the struggle to defend the faith as well as struggle to keep the faith of Islam and the second one in Arabic with English sub titles showing the true meaning of Jihad as Walid used to and the Muslim world really understands Jihad.

Click here to understand Jihad and Islamic deception. Remember one of 99 names of Allah’s names is The Great Deceiver.

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June 23rd, 2011 at 5:13 pm

A Wakeup Call for America

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According to a recently-published study, many mosques in the United States do not merely serve as places of worship, but as tools for the promotion of Sharia law and radical Islamic ideology.

The study identified dozens of mosques as breeding grounds for jihad, with over 80% of those examined promoting violence.

When Rep. Peter King (R-NY, 3rd district) held hearings in December on the radicalization of American Muslims, he was met with great criticism and controversy.  Yet the findings of this survey make the threats of radicalization much harder to ignore. Perhaps today, when Rep. King holds the second forum on the issue, this time focusing on the threat of Muslim-American radicalization in U.S. prisons, people will pay closer attention.

Frank Gaffney on Sharia in America



Islamic Threat as Bright as the Sun


“There goes that post-9/11 myth — the one that tells us that American Islam is a happily assimilating creed, wholly different from the aggressive Islam transforming Europe.”

My best guess is the sun is hot. I feel its heat. I see by its light. I understand its role in the growth of crops and other living things. If I were to come across scholarly data attesting to its high temperatures, I would probably look at the fiery pictures (if there were any) and turn to something else.

On one level, I approach a new study on violence and Islam in the Middle East Quarterly in much the same way. That is, I’ve lived through 9/11 and the 17,298 Islamic terror attacks since (as tabulated by the website I’ve seen pictures of Muslims rampaging around the world over a cartoon. I also understand Islam’s animating role in the terror and subversion designed to extend Islamic law (Shariah) to a point where an Islamic government, or caliphate, rules the world. more

The Coordinates of Radicalism
National Review Online


"The more sharia-compliant the mosque and its imam, the more virulently anti-Western is apt to be the Islam being preached there."

What is it that radicalizes Muslims, including American Muslims? Is it American foreign policy? Israeli “occupation” of the ancient Jewish territories of Judea and Samaria? Cartoons depicting the warrior-prophet as a warrior? Korans torched by obscure Florida pastors? The life of Osama bin Laden, or, perhaps, his death? Any of a thousand claimed slights, real or imagined, that purportedly provoke young Muslims to “conflagrate” — if we may borrow from the forgiving rationalizations of Faisal Rauf, would-be imam of the would-be Ground Zero mosque?

Here is the unsettling but sedulously avoided truth: What radicalizes Muslims is Islam. more

Take Action! Is your local mosque radical?


The use of mosques for the promotion of radical ideology is a growing threat throughout the Western world. Are mosques in your neighborhood radical? Ask Muslim leaders and Islamic organizations in your area to declare that their places of worship are moderate. Click here for the Declaration of Beliefs of Muslim Moderates. Send the declaration to your elected officials and have them distribute it to local mosques.
Learn more about Muslim-American radicalization in U.S. prisons ahead of today’s hearing. Click here to watch an exclusive clip from The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America.

Further Reading

Click here to read the study “Sharia and Violence in American Mosques.” The study found that 81% of U.S. mosques contain texts that advocate violent jihad. Click here to learn more about ‘the Islamist bookshelf’ in mosques across the country

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June 15th, 2011 at 5:11 pm

CAIR director tells Muslims jihad is a “noble cause”

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CAIR director tells Muslims jihad is a “noble cause”

Posted on June 14, 2011 by creeping

via CAIRing for Jihad :: Hudson New York.

Hussam Ayloush, the Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Los Angeles – one of CAIR’s largest and most important local chapters — claims the term “jihad” means something positive and noble. However, the organization he represents, CAIR, and the company he keeps belie the notion that Ayloush is being less than forthright in his interpretation.

On April 8, 2011, Ayloush found himself giving a khutbah [sermon] entitled, “Understanding and Defending ‘The Shariah,’” at the Islamic Institute of Orange County (IIOC). Shariah is the set of religion-based legal rulings originally set out in the Koran and the life of Muhammed {Hadith] and interpreted and enforced by Islamic courts. Shariah – meaning “The Path,” or “The “Way” — deals with everything from crime and politics to economics and sexuality. Shariah law includes such acts as the cutting off of limbs, crucifixion, mutilation, the stoning of individuals, and the death sentence for (even alleged) adultery, death for criticizing the Prophet Muhammed, and death for leaving the religion. It also values a woman as worth half a man in court, and advocates wife-beating.

In the speech, Ayloush stated, “The word jihad now is so demonized that even Muslims are afraid to link to such a noble cause. Striving for justice, striving for the goodness of mankind, striving for good – that’s what jihad is.” Jihad means to struggle, within oneself or against others. Often the term refers to “holy war” against non-believers or non-Muslims.

According to the U.S. Justice Department, however, CAIR has had significant associations with the terrorist group Hamas. Not only was CAIR founded under the leadership of Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook, it was also found guilty by US Courts of funding Hamas through its U.S. arm, The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development [HLF]. In November 2008, five of HLF’s top officials – and HLF, itself – were found guilty of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas.

Is he telling Muslims not to be afraid to link to jihad? Read it all.

Remember, Jihad is The Highest Peak of Islam:

Jihad an-Nafs

Some have attempted to justify their stance on this concept with what is apparently intended as a daleel (Islamic evidence), and so have used a narration to justify this concept of Jihad an-Nafs or dealing with all the political and military problems we face by becoming introspective or looking inwardly as opposed to looking at the Ahkam Shari’ah and seeing what Allah (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala) has demanded from us.

So they use what they claim is a hadith, or saying of Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), “We have returned from the lesser Jihad to the greater Jihad, that is the struggle against the evil of oneself.” This is in fact a fabrication and is known as Mawdu’ (spurious). Hafidh al Iraqi and Ibn Hajar al Asqalani, who were hadith masters and muhaditheen, who memorised one hundred thousand hadith by Isnad and were qualified to scrutinise hadith and their authenticity, stated that this was not a saying of the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) but was in fact a statement that was made by someone in the later generation named Ibrahim ibn Abi Yabla. Hence, this is not considered an evidence in the Islamic Shari’ah.

To elaborate further, it is in contradiction with the subject matter of Jihad that has been elaborated in over a hundred ayat of the Qur’an that have come with the meaning of Jihad being Qitaal, which means to slay or to kill or to fight. This was how the Prophet (Sallallahu Sallallahu “>Alaihi Wasallam) and the Sahabah (ra) understood it. To give an example from the Seerah that was narrated by Ibn Majah with a source in Bukhari, woman came to the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and asked “O Messenger of Allah! Is Jihad obliged upon the women?” To which he responded, “Yes, a Jihad without Qitaal (fighting), it is the Hajj and the Umrah!”

This clearly demonstrates that Jihad is Qitaal i.e. Jihad is undertaking the physical fighting and this is how it was understood by the woman and the Prophet (Sallallahu Sallallahu “>Alaihi Wasallam), as explained in the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) answer i.e. Jihad in Islam means fighting. The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) did not respond by saying that there was the greater Jihad for everyone i.e. Jihad against oneself! Rather he informed her that Allah had prescribed the Hajj and the Umrah for her and that she would get the reward of the Mujahid for undertaking this action, as explained by Imam Sanani in his explanation in the book Sub us Salam.

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Jihadi Media Joins Facebook

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Jihadi Media Joins Facebook

IPT News
June 10, 2011





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Jihadi media organizations are forming Facebook pages to bypass restrictions on terrorist organizations, and to pass on videos, pictures, and documents to followers. While Facebook bans inciting violence or hateful content, jihadi media groups slide underneath the restrictions because they are poorly known.

"Watch here live the battle yesterday at Mogadisho as the tanks of the kufaar [disbelievers] burn," says a post on the new Facebook page of Al-Kataib Media Foundation, a division of the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab. The post also features a video of an al-Shabaab spokesman who "talks to the reporters at the front line of the jihad," provides a link to download the clip, and encourages them to "share it with your brothers and sisters."

Other posts on the Al-Kataib page glorify al-Shabaab’s campaign of suicide bombing, while ‘notes‘ provide detailed accounts of daily battles.

Alongside unofficial pages dedicated to terrorist organizations, al-Kataib’s page suggests that jihadi media can recruit and indoctrinate directly from the world’s largest social network. The media groups of al-Qaida and al-Shabaab have pages, while popular jihadi blog Ansar al-Mujahideen operates two closed discussion groups.

Facebook won accolades for its role in fueling peaceful, popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa known as the Arab Spring.

However, in the same way that social media has mobilized positive change in Arab nations, it has also given a boost to terrorist organizations. Hamas recently launched a new social media campaign, using Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to lift its public profile.

The exploitation of Facebook by terrorists remains a serious concern of American intelligence. "Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook can be used by terrorist groups to expand networks and exchange real-time information, enabling operatives to organize and act quickly," says a March 2011 Congressional Research Service report on terrorist use of the internet. "These tools can not only spread propaganda, but can also host embedded malicious software in links and applications that can corrupt an unsuspecting user’s electronic device."

"YouTube channels and Facebook pages of Taliban and Al Qaeda supporters may radicalize Western-based sympathizers, and also provide a means for communication between these ‘lone wolf’ actors and larger organized networks of terrorists. The decentralized nature of the Internet as a medium and the associated difficulty in responding to emerging threats can match the franchised nature of terrorist organizations and operations."

A Facebook page for As-Sahab media, al-Qaida’s propaganda arm that produces "documentary-quality films, iPod files and cellphone videos," underscores the threat. "Every three or four days, on average, a new video or audio from one of al-Qaeda’s commanders is released online by as-Sahab, the terrorist network’s in-house propaganda studio," the Washington Post reports. The Facebook page captures many of these videos by terrorist leaders Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zaraqawi, and American Adam Gadahn, and presents them with subtitles in foreign languages like Turkish.

Another page is dedicated to Masood Azhar, the leader of Pakistani terrorist organization Jaish-e-Muhammad. It features videos from Azhar’s organization and from another banned Pakistani group, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba.

Social networking sites have a profound influence on their users, as in all social contact. Theories such as the "Three Degrees of Influence Rule," state that everything we do or say ripples through our social network, having an impact on our friends, their friends, and their friends’ friends. Studies illustrate that people are likely to experience the emotions and embrace the ideas of those who surround them, including on social networking websites like Facebook.

Thus social networks have a profound effect on radicalization. "If these [emotions and social trends] can spread through social networks, why not the volatile mix that leads to terrorism — anger, fear, hatred, religious fervor," asks counterterrorism expert Maria Ressa, in the Jakarta Post. "Mapping the social networks of Al Qaeda and JI show it does."

Al-Qaida has "evolved into a social movement that continues to attract new groups and new recruits," Ressa says. "Studies of the social networks of Al Qaeda and its Southeast Asian arm, Jemaah Islamiyah, show they continue to spread violent jihadi ideology like a virus." The participation of jihadi media provides wannabe jihadis with support from actual terrorists, making them part of the jihadi social network.

This is particular true in the past few months, where high-level assassinations have decapitated some leaders of al-Qaida. Their leaders remain the idols of the movement, with their videos and publications forming the basis of Facebook pages. But activists on web forums and Facebook remain the lifeblood of the movements, as producers and consumers of the vast media network that fuels jihadist thought.

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June 14th, 2011 at 9:30 am

Minnesota: Muslim women urged donors to focus on jihad

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Minnesota: Muslim women urged donors to focus on jihad

Posted on April 22, 2011 by creeping

Hat tip to Money Jihad via MN Women Face Oct. 3 Trial on Terror Charge | WDAZ

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — While investigating whether two Rochester women were funneling money to a terror group in Somalia, FBI agents sifted through the trash of an apartment complex roughly 90 times, intercepted and recorded 30,000 phone calls and interviewed suspects more than once.

Details revealed in court Thursday hint at the scope and complexity of the investigation into Amina Farah Ali and Hawo Mohamed Hassan, two women who prosecutors say were part of a “deadly pipeline” routing money and fighters from the U.S. to al-Shabab.

Hawo Mohamed Hassan, left, and Amina Farah Ali

Ali, 34, and Hassan, 60, will face trial Oct. 3 on multiple charges, including conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Prosecutors say they went door-to-door to collect funds and held teleconferences to solicit donations. In one of those calls, prosecutors say, Ali told others to “forget about the other charities” and focus on “the Jihad.”

The women have said they are innocent and were collecting money and clothing for refugees in Somalia. Their attorneys have filed numerous requests in the case: asking that the indictment be dismissed, that the women be tried separately and that some statements Ali made to authorities be left out of trial.

Chief U.S. District Judge Michael Davis said Thursday he would take these requests and others under advisement.

“It’s complex,” he said of the case.

For over two years, Minneapolis has been the center of a federal investigation into the travels of roughly 20 Somali men who left Minnesota to possibly fight with al-Shabab. A total of 19 people have been charged in Minnesota in connection with the investigations into the travelers and terror financing.

Other people in San Diego and St. Louis have also been charged with funneling money to al-Shabab. In the St. Louis case, prosecutors allege the money was sent through a Minneapolis wire-transfer business…

What makes this case  more complex and most interesting are statements from a top DOJ source interviewed by Patrick Poole exposing DOJ and White House “outreach” programs to Muslims and terror-linked groups like CAIR. From Poole’s PJM blockbuster, DOJ Source: Gov’t Muslim ‘Outreach’ Jeopardized Active Terror Investigations:

I asked for an example of how these outreach programs jeopardized investigations:

Well the best example was the investigation into the missing Somali kids in Minneapolis two years ago.

When Al-Shabaab started gaining support in the Somali community after the Ethiopian invasion in late 2006 and early 2007, all of the government agencies started doing outreach to the Somali imams. But when these kids went missing in Minneapolis, did we get a call from these imams we were reaching out to?

No, they were telling the families to shut up and not to talk to the FBI.

[Author’s note: Subsequent to my interview, Abdirizak Bihi, the uncle of one of the missing kids who was later killed fighting with Al-Shabaab in Somalia, testified before the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee hearing on radicalization in the Islamic community making these same claims: religious leaders and CAIR were intimidating the families of the missing Somali men to prevent them from talking to law enforcement.]

It wasn’t long into the investigation before we started hearing that the ones primarily responsible for recruiting and raising the funds for these kids to go fight with Al-Shabaab were the same imams we had been doing outreach to all along. But everyone was saying “we must do outreach,” like they had all been hypnotized, so the outreach continued.

Now at the same time, the FBI was working to get information from these imams about what might have happened with these kids when somebody somewhere decides to put them on the no-fly list. [Author’s note: It was widely reported that Sheik Abdirahman Ahmed of Masjid Abubakar As-Saddique -- the largest mosque in Minnesota -- and the mosque’s youth director Abdulahi Farah were placed on and later removed from the no-fly list.] So they get stopped trying to leave the country, which tips them off that they’re part of the investigation. And the imams quickly lawyer up. Its months before we actually get their attorneys to agree to let them to talk to us. And we got nothing from them when we did.

Once we started to get a handle on how big this really was, it ended up being becoming the largest CT [counterterrorism] investigation since 9/11. And a couple of months in we finally convene a grand jury to look into this thing. So do we call these imams in? Hell no.

Subpoenas go out to a bunch of mid- and low-level people, but not the big fish. And when the low-level people get their subpoenas, who do they call? The imams who are our prime suspects, oh, and who also are supposed to be our outreach partners. And like magic, the low-level folks all suddenly get CAIR attorneys representing them. The result is that the indictments that have been handed down are virtually all minor players. Instead of going after the guys running the operation, we indict a couple of guys and a Somali woman who raised a couple of thousand of dollars for Al-Shabaab.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they should all go to jail, but do we really believe we’re winning the war on terror when this Somali woman gets indicted and the imams who recruited these kids and sent them to fight and die are allowed to walk free?

I asked: the outreach to the imams finally stopped, didn’t it?

Are you kidding me? They’re still working with these guys!

[Authors note: In fact, one Somali press outlet reported that Homeland Security, the FBI, and several other federal, state, and local agencies held an unpublicized outreach session at the Abubakar As-Saddique mosque earlier this month. According to that report, Sheikh Ahmed and other mosque leaders did not attend for fear of backlash from the Somali community.]

But here’s how we get twisted around our own outreach programs. About two months after all these kids disappear, the Al-Shabaab imams from all over the country get together at a meeting in Ohio, including the Minneapolis imams we’re looking at. Do we wiretap the meeting? Of course not.

Instead, a representative for the imams convinces some dimwit attorney from Homeland Security Civil Rights division to come talk at their meeting about outreach. And so they let this guy talk for about ten minutes, then he’s quickly ushered out of the building so they can get down to business. This gives them perfect cover. “Well we can’t be having a terrorist meeting because we had Homeland Security here!”

And can you guess what happened to the imam’s lackey who arranged for Homeland Security to be at that meeting? He’s now one of [Homeland Security Secretary] Napolitano’s senior advisors and running all of their Somali outreach! They gave this guy a security clearance! I’m not f***ing kidding you!

Knowing all that, and that’s just one example, it begs the question, just how complex will this case be for Chief U.S. District Judge Michael Davis? Has Holder and his minions spoken to Davis?


14 Muslims in U.S. indicted for aiding Somali terror group
IPT: USA v. Ali, Amina Farah

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April 22nd, 2011 at 12:40 pm

Investigation Spotlights Pakistan’s Continuing Role in Protecting Jihadists

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Investigation Spotlights Pakistan’s Continuing Role in Protecting Jihadists

IPT News
February 4, 2011




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Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) exercises "control over the most important operatives" of the Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LeT) terrorist group and government officials have rebuffed American pressure to arrest a key terrorist operative out of fear his prosecution would implicate Pakistan military leaders.

Those are among the findings in a recent investigation into Pakistan’s complicity with terrorists by ProPublica, an independent news outlet.

It’s the latest in a series of stories from reporter Sebastian Rotella into the "double game" many suspect Pakistani intelligence plays. It remains a key ally in the U.S. war on al-Qaida and the Taliban, but finds its officers implicated in terrorist actions by LeT and others.

The November 2008 attacks on targets throughout Mumbai, India provide one of the most prominent examples. A three-day siege ended with 166 people killed, among them six Americans. Terrorists tied to LeT had close relationships with Pakistani military and intelligence services. Rotella’s investigation chronicles the actions of Sajid Mir, the LeT commander and retired Pakistan Army major who directed the slaughter by telephone from a safe house in Karachi.

Mir spent two years conducting reconnaissance of Indian terror targets using David Coleman Headley, a Pakistani-American businessman. U.S. officials believe that ISI officers "recruited and trained Headley in spying techniques, then ran him as an agent in tandem with" the LeT, Rotella reports. "Pakistani military officers funded and directed Headley’s reconnaissance team in India, supplied tactical advice for the Mumbai attack and participated in a follow-up plot against Denmark, according to Indian officials."

Following his October 2009 arrest by U.S. authorities, Washington provided a team from India’s National Investigation Agency with direct access to Headley. ProPublica obtained a copy of the resulting report, which showed that in addition to saying ISI controls important LeT operatives, Headley said that every chief of LeT "is handled by some ISI official." Headley also identified an ISI brigadier general who served as handler for Zaki ur-Rehmane Lahkvi, Lashkar’s military boss.

That confession to Indian investigators "confirms the assessment of foreign intelligence agencies," Rotella wrote. "In exchange for ISI funding and direction, [the LeT] has steadfastly avoided attacking the Pakistani state."

Headley’s relationship with the ISI started in January 2006 after the agency detained him for attempting to smuggle arms into India. He met with an ISI officer named Major Iqbal, who became his main handler. Major Iqbal and another Pakistani officer "promised Headley financial support for terrorist operations against India," ProPublica reported. "Iqbal secured standard intelligence training for Headley, teaching him how to detect surveillance and develop sources." Headley said the intelligence training he was able to obtain through Major Iqbal was superior to what he received in LeT training camps.

Headley also identified Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, leader of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JUD), a Pakistan-based Islamic charity that serves as a front for the LeT, as the "mastermind" of the Mumbai attacks. Headley also provided the names of Mir and the other terrorist handlers who orchestrated the attacks from Pakistan.

The close connections between the LeT and ISI were detailed in the 11th dossier of evidence documenting Headley’s confessions about the Mumbai attacks. India had already submitted 10 other dossiers to Pakistan citing evidence linking the Pakistani military and intelligence service and LeT members to Mumbai. The 11th dossier provides details of Headley’s meetings with his terrorist handlers in Pakistan, including Saeed, Mir and ISI officials. The meetings in took place Lahore and Muzzafferabad, Pakistan in the months before the Mumbai attacks.

Pakistan’s place as an American ally in Afghanistan was secured by threat of force. According to former President Pervez Musharraf, Deputy U.S. Secretary of State Richard Armitage demanded that Islamabad end its dual-track approach to terror – cooperating with U.S. anti-terror efforts while simultaneously providing aid and sanctuary to some jihadist groups.

Armitage warned Pakistan’s intelligence chief of catastrophic consequences if the situation did not change. "Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age," Musharraf said he was told.

Nearly 10 years later, Pakistani officials denied any active military officers were involved in the Mumbai plot and told ProPublica that hundreds of ISI officers have been killed in clashes with jihadists. They claimed not to know any Major Iqbal and suggested that someone may have attempted to "impersonate" ISI or Pakistani Army officials.

But Rotella’s reporting bolsters the case for Pakistani intelligence and military involvement in the Mumbai terrorist operation. Telephone and e-mail evidence corroborates Headley’s contact with Major Iqbal, U.S. and Indian officials said. For example, U.S. and allied security intelligence and security officials said that Major Iqbal gave Headley $25,000 in the summer of 2006 to pay for expenses and establish his cover at an immigration-consulting firm in Mumbai which Headley used to gather intelligence and scout potential terror targets.

Still more troubling information comes from a leaked diplomatic cable from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claiming that Saeed and Lakhvi, prime suspects in the Mumbai attacks, continued to run LeT operations from prison in Pakistan. Another cable, also released by Wikileaks, suggests that sanctions targeting JUD were undermined when a Pakistani government official tipped the group off in advance, enabling it to remove funds from a targeted bank account.

U.S. officials told ProPublica they have urged Pakistan to arrest Mir and other suspects in the Mumbai attacks. "We put consistent pressure on the Pakistanis to deal with [LeT] and do so at the highest levels," said a senior counterterrorism official.

But U.S. officials also say that "A U.S. prosecution could implicate Pakistani military chiefs who, at minimum, have allowed [LeT] to operate freely," according to ProPublica. Moreover, "Pressure on Pakistan to confront both the military and LeT could damage counterterrorism efforts."

"It’s a balancing act," a high-ranking law-enforcement official told Rotella. "We can only push so far. It’s very political. Sajid Mir is too powerful for them to go after."

Forcing the Pakistani government to do that, he claimed, might undermine their ability and/or willingness "to go after the Taliban and al-Qaida."

Related Topics: Lashkar-e-Tayyiba

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February 5th, 2011 at 10:32 am

Stoning in Afghanistan: "Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!"

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Stoning in Afghanistan: "Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!"

Jan 27, 2011 11:44 pm | Marisol

Jihad Watch reader Myles has sent in the link for the full video from this story. It probably goes without saying that the footage below is disturbing; it shows two people dying a horrible death. But this is Sharia, and all of its various horrors, abuses, and absurdities must be…

read more


"Anyone who knows about Islam knows that stoning is Islamic law. There are people who call it inhuman, but in doing so, they insult the prophet"

Jan 27, 2011 10:11 am | Marisol

Six months later, there have been no arrests in the stoning deaths of a young Afghan couple who had eloped. One will recall that this was the case where Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, condemned the execution without trial, but did not say a word about the method of execution….

read more


UK: Islamic poster campaign calls for the murder of Home Secretary Theresa May

Jan 27, 2011 09:57 am | Robert

Watch for the cascade of statements from moderate Muslim leaders deploring this thuggish poster campaign, followed by programs in mosques and Islamic schools to teach against the attitudes and assumptions that lead to this sort of thing. But…don’t hold your breath. "Fatwa against Theresa May: Scotland Yard investigates Islamic…

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Afghan Christians live in fear of jail, exile, or worse

Jan 27, 2011 09:49 am | Robert

Here is yet another story belying the assurances that constantly flow from Islamic apologists in the West that Islam is tolerant and allows Muslims to convert to another religion, and non-Muslims to live and work freely in Muslim countries. Islamic Tolerance Alert from Afghanistan: "Afghan Christians live in fear of…

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Geller on honor killing: "The horror of these young girls…is given the imprimatur of the West in its complicit silence"

Jan 27, 2011 09:40 am | Robert

In "Honor Killing in America" in the American Thinker today, Pamela Geller discusses the two honor killing trials going on in America today — and the silence of the feminists: The trials of two "honor killers" are underway in America this week: one in Buffalo, New York, and the other…

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Muslims in Canada joining jihad terror group

Jan 27, 2011 09:00 am | Robert

Where are the Muslim leaders in Canada teaching against al-Shabaab’s version of Islam? Where are the programs in mosques and Islamic schools teaching the necessity for peaceful coexistence as equals with unbelievers in a secular state on an indefinite basis? Of course, the questions are rhetorical. "Somali militant group recruiting…

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Iranian book celebrating jihad-martyrdom suicide bombers found in Arizona desert

Jan 27, 2011 01:15 pm | Robert

Underscoring yet again that border control is a national security issue, obscured as it is by spurious charges of "racism." "Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona Desert," by William La Jeunesse for, January 27 (thanks to Anne Crockett): EXCLUSIVE: A book celebrating suicide bombers has been found…

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Moderate Muslim who beheaded wife enters into evidence reports of his abusing her

Jan 27, 2011 11:20 am | Robert

Is he angling for an insanity verdict? Note also how he lured his wife to her bloody death, in a manner reminiscent of how the Islamic prophet Muhammad — who said "war is deceit" — called for the murder of several of his enemies, and gave his followers permission to…

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World Muslim population growing twice as fast as non-Muslim population

Jan 27, 2011 11:07 am | Robert

With that growth will come increasing demands for Sharia across the globe. Demographic Jihad Update: "World Muslim Population Grows Twice as Fast as Others," by Lauren Frayer for AOL News, January 27 (thanks to all who sent this in): The global number of Muslims is expected to jump 35 percent…

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After South votes to secede, Sudan President promises Sharia

Jan 27, 2011 10:30 am | Robert

No more "multi-ethnic," "multi-cultural" and "multi-religious" Sudan — not that those assurances were ever much good for the Christians of the southern part of the country, anyway. More on this story. "Sudan mulls Islamic law after southern secession," from Deutsche Welle, January 26: As referendum results make southern Sudan’s independence…

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January 28th, 2011 at 7:10 am

Jihad – an obligation under sharia (video)

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Clare Lopez is ex-CIA and current deputy director of the U.S. Counterterrorism Advisory Team for the Military Department of the South Carolina National Guard.

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Iraqi: Jihadist murders two U.S. soldiers by smuggling real bullets into training exercise and opening fire

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Iraqi: Jihadist murders two U.S. soldiers by smuggling real bullets into training exercise and opening fire

Jan 15, 2011 01:48 pm | Robert

A training exercise for the nation’s security forces. As I have said many times, there is no reliable way to distinguish a peaceful Muslim from a jihadist. This is the fruit of the unwillingness to make even a cursory attempt to take that fact into account. "US soldiers killed while…

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January 17th, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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