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Tennessee: Grade School Bans Pork to Appease Muslims

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Tennessee: Grade School Bans Pork to Appease Muslims

Posted on August 15, 2013 by creeping

via Todd StarnesWhy Did a Tennessee Grade School Ban Pork? | FOX News & Commentary.

A Tennessee elementary school banned students from eating ham sandwiches, BLT’s and anything else made with pork, but eventually lifted the ban after parents complained.


Third grade teachers at Sunset Elementary School in Brentwood, Tenn. sent home an “Approved Snack List” for the school year and it specifically banned anything that comes from a pig.snacklist

“No meats containing pork,” read the memorandum. “Starting Monday, August 12, 2013 your child must provide their own snack from the above approved snack list.”

Kids could nosh on raw vegetables without dips or sauces, fresh fruit, crackers, pretzels, and popcorn – but no ribs or pork rinds.

“Only choose a food from the following list to bring into school for snack,” the memorandum stated in bold-face type. “No other food items are permitted.”

One day after the pork ban went into effect, Williamson County Schools posted a message on their Facebook page telling parents to ignore the rules.

“Schools should only be offering suggested snack choices, and that information will be sent home only if your child is in a classroom where there is a food allergy,” the district stated. “Any reference to not allowing pork products in school is incorrect. Please disregard.”

The district said the point of the memorandum was to address food allergies and approved snack lists.

The memorandum did not explain why the school had become a pork-free zone, leading to lots of confusion among parents.

“I’ve never heard of a life-threatening pork allergy,” one parent wrote on Facebook.

The no-pork rule generated lots of conversation on Nashville’s talk radio stations and a number of callers and several hosts wondered if it had something to do with students who might be Muslim.

“Typical list for a Madrassa,” wrote Nashville radio host Michael DelGiorno on his Facebook page.

“If you think this has anything to do with something besides appeasing Muslims then you are either stupid or willfully ignorant,” one of his listeners wrote.

A search of the school’s website returns several results for Islam and Muslim.

One Twitter user responded to the school’s dhimmitude even though they retracted the edict.

twit-porkJust last week the Pillars of Islam (including jihad) were found in a Tennessee public school. Could it be the same one? All posts on Tennessee here.6a00d8341c60bf53ef01901eab7168970b

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August 15th, 2013 at 6:30 pm

Norwegian Designer Marte Deborah Dalelv Sentenced to Prison for Being Raped in Dubai (She needed 4 adult males who were witnesses to come forward according to Shariah law! God views rape as worthy of death, I agree!)

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Norwegian Designer Marte Deborah Dalelv Sentenced to Prison for Being Raped in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, if a woman claims to have been raped, she must produce four male witnesses of the rape. If she can’t, she has just admitted to having sex outside of marriage, and she will be imprisoned. Where did UAE lawmakers get the idea that accusations of sexual crimes can only be substantiated by the testimony of four male witnesses?

Qur’an 24:4—And those who accuse honourable women but bring not four witnesses, scourge them (with) eighty stripes and never (afterward) accept their testimony. They indeed are evil-doers.

Unfortunately, women who enter the country on business aren’t informed that if they are raped, they are absolutely helpless before the law. Thus, rape victims go to police thinking that they will receive justice, not realizing that "justice" has a completely different meaning in Islam.

Marte Deborah Dalelv

BBC—A Norwegian woman has spoken out about the 16-month prison sentence she received in Dubai after reporting a rape incident to police.
Interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv was on a business trip in Dubai when she says she was raped.
The 24-year-old reported the March attack to the police but found herself charged with having extramarital sex, drinking alcohol, and perjury.
Convicted earlier this week, she says she is appealing against the verdict.
The appeal hearing is scheduled for early September.
Describing the sentence as "very harsh", she told the AFP news agency: "I am very nervous and tense. But I hope for the best and I take one day at a time. I just have to get through this."
The case has angered rights groups and the authorities in Norway.
Ms Dalelv says she had been on a night out with colleagues on 6 March when the rape took place.
She reported it to the police, who proceeded to confiscate her passport and seize her money. She was charged four days later on three counts, including having sex outside marriage.
Her alleged attacker, she said, received a 13-month sentence for extra-marital sex and alcohol consumption.
The Norwegian government had secured Ms Dalelv’s conditional release so, since being charged, she has been living under the protection of the Norwegian Seamans’ Centre in Dubai.
But she told Norway’s NRK News that following her sentencing on Tuesday she was now officially wanted by the Dubai authorities.
"I should have been imprisoned since Tuesday," she said. "But I have been told they are not searching for me."
The sentence has been condemned by Norway’s Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide who is quoted as saying that it "flies in the face of our notion of justice" and was "highly problematic from a human rights perspective".
The Norwegian authorities are reportedly trying to contact the authorities in Dubai about the situation.
The London-based Emirates Centre for Human Rights called on the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to which Dubai belongs, to quash Ms Dalelv’s conviction.
It said the UAE’s claims that it is attempting to end discrimination against women was undermined by a legal system that "prohibits the achievement of justice for cases of sexual violence against women".
According to the Emirates Centre for Human Rights, UAE law states a rape conviction can only be secured after a confession or as the result of testimony from four adult male witnesses to the crime. (Continue Reading.)

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July 20th, 2013 at 7:25 pm

North Carolina: Sharia ban resurfaces in Senate

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North Carolina: Sharia ban resurfaces in Senate

Posted on July 19, 2013 by creeping

via Sharia ban resurfaces in Senate ::

Raleigh, N.C. — North Carolina lawmakers are once again weighing a bill to ban the “application of foreign law” in family law cases in state courts.

The new House Bill 522 does not specifically mention Islamic Law or “Sharia,” but it was the topic of a supporting handout provided to the panel by House sponsor Rep. Chris Whitmire, R-Transylvania.

Whitmire said both the House and the Senate have already passed the language in the bill, which says courts, arbitrators, mediators and other state officials shall not recognize “foreign law” in family law cases if it would “result in the violation of a fundamental constitutional right of a natural person.”

“There are times when foreign laws in our courts have very demonstrably violated civil rights in our courts,” Whitmire told the committee. “We’ve had multiple cases around the United States – 27 that I’ve got in my bag here.”

Whitmire said his bill “undergirds the basis of our free market economy and our American legal tradition” by banning judges from recognizing such laws.

“There’s an ever-growing frequency of foreign laws under the concept of comity entering our courts,” he said. “The judiciary is being forced to legislate from the bench.”

Sen. Trudy Wade, R-Guilford, said she couldn’t see the need for the bill.

“Doesn’t the Constitution already guarantee this?” Wade asked. “I don’t see why we have to make another law. The Constitution is already the law.”

Good point. But the Constitution is now merely a guideline of convenient reference.

North Carolina has become quite the haven for Muslim infiltrators and jihadists. Back posts can be found by clicking the ‘North Carolina’ tag below.

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July 19th, 2013 at 8:40 am

Muslim mom hopes to force Islamic holiday on California school

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Muslim mom hopes to force Islamic holiday on California school

Posted on February 20, 2013 by creeping

via Muslim mom Veronica Aziz hopes to make Eid al-Fitr a school holiday – News.

A Lodi mom is starting a petition to add Eid al-Fitr to California’s list of holidays that would automatically excuse a child from school. The 24-hour Muslim holiday falls after 30 days of fasting during daylight to observe Ramadan each year, and this year will fall on Aug. 7 and 8 — in the first week of the 2013-14 school year.

Veronica Aziz lives near Blakely Park with her husband and three sons. She and her family are Muslim and attend the Lodi Mosque. Growing up, she remembers missing a day of school each year for the family gathering and prayers.

Does that mosque sound familiar? We posted on it once before, Lodi Mosque Imam’s US born son tells FBI he went abroad for Al Qaeda training “to learn to kill Americans”.

“We just didn’t go to school. Our community was so small that if we missed a day it didn’t matter,” said Aziz. But her children don’t like to miss school. They tell their mother if they miss one day they will fall behind.

“They get upset,” she said. “I want to be able to tell them not to worry.”

The Lodi Unified School District allows children to take the day off as an excused absence, according to California education code. This differs from an unexcused absence, which means a child cannot make up any homework assignments or tests from that day — but it still counts as an absence.

Aziz would like the district to allow students of all faiths to miss school for religious holidays without counting it as an absence.

At Borchardt Elementary School, where 10 to 15 percent of the children come from Muslim families, principal Janis Morehead and the teachers put a major emphasis on perfect attendance. Those who make it through a full semester without missing a day — even for an excused absence — get ice cream at lunch just before the winter or summer break.

10 to 15 percent?

The incentive makes sense for the school. It’s a simple prize, but high daily attendance keeps money flowing into school coffers.

Aziz said it’s not about a scoop of ice cream. It’s about teaching her kids that school and their religious faith are equally important.

Aziz is not sure how far a petition would go. But she is willing to try.

“I don’t want to ask the question, ‘Should I let you go to school that day?’” she said. “There would be peace of mind for us, and I could tell my children, ‘Tomorrow is our day.’”

Rather than teaching her kids that Islam is important to her (the kids apparently don’t care at this age) she’d rather force the entire school and all kids regardless of their religion to be out of school that day. That’s how they roll.

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February 20th, 2013 at 1:09 pm

Video: Al Gore tells Andrea Mitchell all about Sharia law

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Video: Al Gore tells Andrea Mitchell all about Sharia law

by Shoebat Foundation on FEBRUARY 17, 2013 in BLOG, GENERAL

Exhibit A for the argument that behind all sarcasm and satire can be found truth. In this pseudo-exchange between Andrea Mitchell and Al Gore, the former comes across as the useful idiot dupe that she is while Gore comes across as the Sharia-loving, American sell-out that he is.

Is it a good thing to be afflicted with Islamophobia? Pre-order the new book from Walid Shoebat, The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA: Jihad by the Word; America’s Final Warning.

The fact that this conversation never really took place is secondary.

Well, hey, it’s not as good as the Bad Lip Reading videos but it’s salient nonetheless.

Via SooperMexican:

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February 18th, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters

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Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters

Posted on February 12, 2013 by creeping

FBI and DOJ are on it right? via Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters.

A recent Dearborn Patch article addressed concerns about the location of the annual Dearborn Arab Festival. For several years, the festival has been held on Warren Avenue.

The local population is divided over whether to move the festival, and, even more importantly, over how Muslims should respond to protesters. The Dearborn Area Community Members Facebook group hosted a discussion about the move, and some of the comments were enlightening. A Muslim named Aboudi Berro suggested moving the festival to an area where protesters could be more easilymurdered:

Much more at Answering Muslims.

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February 12th, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Maryland: Muslims excused from class early for daily prayers in public school library (Utter hypocrisy and bias towards Christianity!)

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Maryland: Muslims excused from class early for daily prayers in public school library

Posted on January 28, 2013 by creeping

The civilizational jihad being waged in schools across the U.S. is very active. Just this weekend we posted, Illinois School District adding Muslim holiday, considers dropping Veterans & Presidents Days.

In Maryland, the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Student Association is now on high school campuses, performing dawah and spreading sharia. One of their victories, with the help of terror-linked CAIR, is convincing the school to use the library as a mosque for daily prayers.

Praying By the Rules

via Praying By the Rules or as Halal Porkshop titled it, h/t, HOW CAIR LAWYERS & MSA CONVINCED MARYLAND SCHOOL TO ALLOW PRAYER IN SCHOOL

When the parents of Hayat and Habeeb Marso chose to send her two sons to Parkdale High School in Riverdale, MD after they had completed memorizing the entire Qur’an at Dar-us-Salaam’s full-time hifdz school in College Park, she wasn’t worried.

It was tough leaving beloved teachers, but their training at Dar-us-Salaam had made them strong enough to handle public school. Hayat and Habeeb Marso are actively involved in the Muslim Student Association of their new school. Their principal, Cheryl Logan turns to Hayat for advice on Muslim issues.

A major issue of concern for many Muslims is being able to offer their daily prayers, and prayer in public school has always been an ‘issue’. A lot of parents at Parkdale are frustrated that their kids cannot pray in school.

“We got into major trouble last year as we were hiding and praying in congregation,” Hayat says as he soberly wraps up the leopard print prayer rug in his family’s prayer room. Last year, the principal, Cheryl Logan told the students that they could not pray in congregation..

At a recent bullying seminar hosted by CAIR at Dar-us-Salaam, Hayat consulted with Todd Gallagher, an attorney with CAIR. Habeeb also spoke with a local lawyer to learn more about the laws. As the MSA President who will graduate in May, Hayat maintains that it is his responsibility to pave the way for students who will follow him.

It’s not that students of any faith can’t pray in school, no matter what the general public thinks. They can. And Muslim students do, in empty classrooms, under stairwells, and library corners. They just can’t do it with the support of the school, because that’s a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

What this means is that the school administration cannot lead prayers or mandate that students attend prayer.

The ruling according to the First Amendment Center “requires that teachers and administrators neither promote nor denigrate religion — a commitment to state neutrality that protects the religious freedom of students of all faiths and no faith.”

The U.S. Supreme Court banned official prayers in public schools, but religion is not taboo in schools. That’s because the same First Amendment that separates church and state also gives students like the Marsos the right to freely practice their faith.

Abdul Karim Taufique is the MSA Vice-President at Roosevelt High School in the same school district. He says that they have no issues with holding salah at school. Since they follow a different period system, student can easily pray at lunch time. They host Friday prayers after classes, where he delivers the Khutbah.“There is no process. The Principal gave permission so anyone can pray in the library media room,” says Abdul-Karim.

“We cannot have daily congregational salah after classes at Parkdale, as there is not enough time and we will miss our bus home and our lunch schedule is such that some students have lunch before Dhuhr time starts,” says Hayat.

Ms. Logan needs to prepare for an increase in Muslim students coming to her school,” says Afeefa Marso, Hayat and Habeeb’s mother. With Dar-us-Salaam and its K-12 Al-Huda School set to relocate to Howard County after this school year, there will be a vacuum and “those area residents who cannot move or send their children to the future Dar us Salam campus in Cookesville, will look for options such as the local high schools.” Arabic as a foreign language and the International Baccalaureate program makes Parkdale a viable option for some parents.

As the MSA President who will graduate in May, Hayat maintains that it is his responsibility to pave the way for students who will follow him.

As the MSA President who will graduate in May, Hayat maintains that it is his responsibility to pave the way for students who will follow him.

So instead of making it a public issue, Hayat and the Parkdale MSA decided to continue the gentle and diplomatic approach. The MSA invited parents and Principal Logan to an MSA meeting and they discussed the process of getting permission to pray in congregation for Dhuhr salah. Principal Logan said she would need to see report cards and good behavior. But 4 weeks passed without results.

Hayat and his peer’s parents continue emailing their requests and recently have convinced the administration.

“Requests for prayers are done by parents of students, not by organizations. This ensures that the parent is aware that the student has made a request. To date the ones that have been requested have all been granted,” says Cheryl Logan, the principal of Parkdale High School in an email to the Muslim Link.

All parents who had given written permission received this good news on January 13, 2013. On Monday, January 14, 2013, students will be directed to a location to pray Dhuhr prayer in jam’ah from 12:45 to 1:00. They will be excused from class 10 minutes early so that they can fulfill this obligation.

Rules for Muslims, and rules for everyone else. Read it all and prepare to have your public school library converted into a mosque.

More on the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Student Association (MSA) here.

Founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, MSA was named in a May 1991Muslim Brotherhood memorandum as one of the Brotherhood’s likeminded “organizations of our friends”[1] who shared the common goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation. These ”friends” were described by the Brotherhood as groups that could help teach Muslims “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

In its earliest days, MSA was financed largely by Saudi Arabia. In return, says a February 2008 New York Times piece, the organization’s leaders “pushed the kingdom’s puritan, Wahhabi strain of Islam.”

Is Principal Cheryl Logan aware of who the MSA is?

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January 28th, 2013 at 4:19 pm

Obama judge sides with convicted US-born Taliban terrorist, grants group prayers

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Obama judge sides with convicted US-born Taliban terrorist, grants group prayers

Posted on January 12, 2013 by creeping


Aiding and abetting the enemy. via US-born Taliban fighter wins prison prayer lawsuit | | Tucson, Arizona.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – A federal judge has ruled that a convicted Taliban fighter should be allowed to pray daily in a group with other Muslim inmates at their high-security prison in Indiana.

U.S. District Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson sided on Friday with John Walker Lindh, an American convicted of fighting alongside the Taliban.

Alongside? WTF kind of reporting is that?

The judge ruled that the prison was violating Lindh’s and other Muslim inmates’ religious freedom by banning them from engaging in daily ritual prayer.

Is the prison violating Lindh and other Muslims religious freedom by banning violent jihad as well? How about funding terrorist groups (aka zakat)? Keeping slaves? Marrying underage girls? Having four wives? These are all freedoms permitted in Islam.

Lindh is serving a 20-year sentence for aiding the Taliban during the 2001 U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan.

He sued the government after he was barred from praying with other inmates, which he said violated his religious rights. Prison officials had argued that it would be dangerous, unaffordable and unfair to other inmates.

Jane Magnus-Stinson

President Obama on January 20, 2010 nominated Magnus-Stinson to the seat on the Southern District of Indiana, to replace Judge Larry J. McKinney, who took senior status on July 4, 2009.

What might a convicted Muslim terrorist who clearly has chosen to double-down on his Islamic beliefs want to pray with other Muslims about? What else will they be discussing, planning, plotting?

More to come.

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January 12th, 2013 at 10:34 am

Radio host’s frank discussion on sharia law

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Radio host’s frank discussion on sharia law

Posted on January 9, 2013 by creeping

On The Jim Bohannon Show. Listen to the frank and refreshing 40-minute discussion on sharia law with radio host Jim Bohannon and a Kansas politician – audio here.


We’ve talked about “shari’a law” on occasion on this program, but not everyone really knows what it means. Shari’a, which can be loosely translated from the Arabic as ‘legislation,’ is the moral code and religious law of Islam. It is derived from two sources: the religion’s holy book, the Quran, and by the actions taken by the prophet Muhammad and recorded during his lifetime. Shari’a deals with both secular concerns (economics, politics, crime) and religious issues (sexual relations, prayer, fasting, hygiene), and is interpreted by Islamic judges.

With immigration, shari’a law is starting to make inroads in Western countries, mainly in the area of family law within Muslim communities. In the United States, we live under the tenets of ‘Equal Protection Under the Law’ – but is such a thing possible if there is more than one set of laws that don’t necessarily agree with one another…not to mention that some of the underpinnings of shari’a law can easily be described as antiquated, or even barbaric by modern standards. Some jurisdictions are taking steps to prevent shari’a law from gaining a foothold in the U.S.; the state of Kansas last year passed a law preventing its use. We’ll learn more about that tonight from Republican Kansas state representative Peggy Mast.

Hat tip to @CausingFitna.

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January 9th, 2013 at 11:26 am

Shari’ah’s Uphill Climb Does Muslim law have a place in the American landscape? John Witte Jr.

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Shari'ah's Uphill Climb





A constitutional battle over Muslim family law has begun. In November 2010, Oklahoma voters approved a state constitutional amendment banning the use of Muslim Shari’ah and other international laws in its state courts. This was a direct rejoinder to other Western nations allowing Muslim citizens to enforce Muslim marriage contracts in state courts and to resolve family law issues before Shari’ah tribunals without state interference. Oklahoma’s citizens wanted none of it, and they voted to ban the use of Shari’ah altogether. Twelve other states are discussing comparable measures.

In January 2012, however, a federal appeals court upheld a lower federal court injunction of Oklahoma’s amendment. Singling out a specific religious law for special prohibition, the court of appeals concluded, violated the First Amendment Establishment Clause and unjustifiably injured Oklahoma’s Muslim citizens. This leaves Oklahoma courts with a stark choice: allow Muslims to use Shari’ah to govern internal religious affairs and the private lives of voluntary members, or equally prohibit all religious groups from exercising comparable authority through organs of internal mediation, ecclesiastical discipline, and canon law.

Oklahoma can likely escape this choice by crafting a more neutrally-phrased constitutional amendment. But deft legal drafting will not end the matter. As American Muslims grow stronger and anti-Muslim sentiment in America goes deeper, constitutional and cultural battles over Muslim laws and tribunals will likely escalate.

Many Shari’ah advocates reject America’s sexual revolution of the past half century, built on cultural and constitutional ideals of sexual privacy, equality, and autonomy. They reject the easy-in/easy-out system of American family law that has brought ruin to so many women and children. They reject America’s legal protections for nonmarital sex, sodomy, abortion, and same-sex marriage. Distrusting the modern liberal state’s capacity to reform its laws of sexuality, marriage, and family life, Shari’ah advocates want out.

They have two main objectives: to give Muslims the right to opt out of the state’s liberal family law into their own religious community’s morally rigorous system; and to give Muslim religious officials the right to operate that system for voluntary members without undue state interference or review.

Some advocates want separate Muslim arbitration tribunals that operate alongside the state; others want independent Shari’ah courts akin to those of Native American tribes or those of modern-day India. Some are pressing for gradual, piecemeal accommodations of Muslim family law, fearing the dominance of one form of Shari’ah over another. Others want more rapid wholesale change in pursuit of what they call "family law pluralism." But the bottom line is the same: to allow Muslim communities eventually to become more of a law unto themselves in the governance of marriage and family life. For the past decade, law journals, blogs, and conferences have been full of sophisticated papers pressing this case. Readers can get a good sampling of these arguments in two superb new edited volumes: Shari’a in the West (Oxford University Press) and Marriage and Divorce in a Multicultural Context (Cambridge University Press).

The three most prominent arguments for the use of Shari’ah family norms and procedures in America (and the rest of the West) are based on religious freedom, political liberalism, and nondiscrimination. Though each argument seems plausible on the surface, they are all, to my mind, fundamentally flawed.

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December 27th, 2012 at 9:56 am

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